2 Milly Keeps it Sturdy with Chicago vs New York Artist, Moving Beyond The Milly Rock, Music With Rihanna & More!

2 Milly found his rise to success after his "Milly Rock" dance with viral. Countless celebrities engaged in this dance via social media, that list includes  Chris Brown, Travis Scott, and Rihanna. The song even influenced PlayBoi Carti's chart smasher "Magnolia".

In an interview with Power 92's Hotrod explained how his brother, HalfABilli had a song titled "Trouble" which is the first song he originally did the dance too.

It all started during a block party in Brooklyn three years ago. Spike Lee was celebrating the 25th anniversary for cult classic film Do the Right Thing when BK native 2 Milly felt the energy of the crowd, became possessed by the music and jumped on top of a car, performing his “Milly Rock” dance.

“The dance has always been around. It was just a turn up for me and my friends. It was just a good vibe,” 2 Milly explains. “I’m drinking Bombay and orange juice so I get on top of a car and start Milly rocking for like two or three minutes. The next day, they’re hitting me up like ‘you’re famous."

Rihanna was one celebrity that showed the dance the most love. Its countless videos of her on the internet Milly Rocking. During the interview 2 Milly told us about a time when the two were in the club together and he caught her vibing hitting the dance, the two hung out and he eluded to a possible track in the future between the two,

After this interviewed I've discovered more about 2 Milly; things you wouldn't find on the internet.  He is a huge fan of Chicago Hip-hop; G-Herbo especially. We had the pleasure of following him around to obtain an exclusive VLOG, and at all his performances he made sure the DJs played some G-Herbo. His love for Chicago Hip-hop was an indicator that he has much love for the genre not just those from his city.

I asked him about the Chicago vs Newyork "style jacking", referring to violent lyrical content and guns displayed in the music videos.  He replied by saying it was just "Broadcasted, we were doing it in Newyork, but just didn't broadcast like they do out here [ Chicago]"

As seen in the VLOG below you can notice the excitement of 2 Milly when G-Herbo brought him on stage during his performance at the Portage Theater in Chicago. Both are established artist and fans of each other music. Herb wasn't the only artist from the city that embraced 2 Milly while he was in Chicago. He got love from Lil Durk, Bibby, Hypno Carlito, Bo Deal and more.  He described Chicago as a second home. 

During this interview, he wanted it to be known he is not a dance artist, he just likes to have a good time. "We went through a period in New York when people would go to the clubs and just stand still" He credits fellow Brooklyn artist Bobby Smurda, Saying that he opened the door that brought back good vibes, and he just followed.

He describes it as being Sturdy, which is being the best at something and not wack or dull.

2 Milly might have created one of the coolest dances, but he sometimes feels like his music is coming second to the dance. After listening to his new music, the guy is very talented. The track Woah brings a lot of energy can't wait until that joint is released. Also the single he's pushing I'm the shit brings great vibes. 

He is a very humble and dedicated artist. The fact he came to Chicago during Thanksgiving to do an intensive promo run says a lot about his motivation to be a respected artist. I've seen him facetime his daughter throughout the holiday week, I could tell that she is the motivation behind his grind and that it affected him not being in New York for the holidays.

With Milly, I believe its going to take a new project to that displays his artistry. His forthcoming, highly anticipated mixtape Only the Sturdy Survive should do just that.


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