SABA Talks Rapping Against Mick Jenkins, Chance The Rapper, and New Chicago Wave

The city of Chicago is most known for its south-side rappers, but as a native of the city, I would say don’t sleep on the City’s westside. One artist, in particular, is Saba. Many people may know Saba from the feature he did with Chance The Rapper on the “Angels” track, which was the first single on the Grammy award-winning mixtape Coloring Book. Angels is the track that Chance and Saba performed on late night television and which forced Chicago radio to play it because of the mentioning of “Power 92” & “WGCI”; which are the two dominant hip-hop stations in the city.

Many of us in Chicago knows the struggle of local radio stations playing hometown artist music. That's why that performance was such a big deal.

Digging into Saba, I was very surprised at his talent. His project the bucket list was extremely dope, filled with lyrical talent that many have been wanting from Chicago artist. When I say Saba got #BARS, he has Bars.  He started off as Sabotage. He then shorten his name to Saba. The first song I ever heard of his was “Heaux” featuring another dope artist from #TheCrib by name of Mic Jenkins. He stated this track is what led to him being featuring on Chance The Rapper’s ACID Rap mixtape.

The 22 year old rapper’s perspective on life and success is very interesting. I asked him about when did he realized that he made it as an artist, his response was very impressive. He describe his YOUMedia open mic performance at Harold Washington library on 2011, as the moment. Saying the love he got from the crowd was enough for him to know if he kept going he would be successful, “All we got to do is to keep this going and it will grow”-Saba said. 

“You could be successful with or without no fans if you decided that's what you are, and I feel like thats what I did”  

Revisiting the 2011-12 Chicago hip-hop wave, Saba gave insight how that a wave is needed back in Chicago, but not the one we had before “People want a real Chicago, and they want it to be popping”. I believe this to be an indirect response to the Drill wave that many feel plagued Chicago’s image nationally.  He also talked about Chicago music scene has influences on those from all over. I agree with Saba for these statements and countless musicians have expressed the influences s that Chicago had in their careers as a result of that 2012 wave. Its Artist such as Saba I feel that will have a more positive impact when the wave resurfaces. Displaying a much diverse side of Chicago culture.

This guy Saba will be a force to be reckoned in the hip-hop industry, I say that based on his talent but his mindset. I see the hunger, and determination in his eyes. There's no doubt in his body that he won’t be one of the elite.