Valee Talks Phone Convo With Kanye West, Bringing Chicago Back & More!

Chicago is making a push to regain mainstream respect from the music industry. Its clear that guys such as Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa and G-Herbo are leading the charge but the wave has a leader, and his name is Valee.

Valee is one talented individual, the first song of his that I've heard was the Shell track. Immediately, I knew he was on to something. His low pitched melodies create a unique sound that is not a common hardcore Chicago sound. The guy makes music that makes you feel good and want to have a good time.

I got watever

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Valee has been lighting up the city with other tracks such as I Got Whatever, Two 16s(Z -Money's Track), and Miami; the Miami record will have a remix featuring Pusha T. Along with getting a verse from the G.O.O.D. Music executive, it has been talks of Valee signing or doing a project under the label. In an interview with Hotrod on Power 92.3, he mentions the remix and his thoughts on signing with them. Also in the interview above he talks about how working with  G.O.O.D. Music he would be in a creative lane by himself and there would be anyone he's in competition with, which is good for creativity. Even though he backed by some of the hottest young producers such as Rio Mac and Chase The Money he makes his own beats, the shell beat was produced by him. The kid is special, he has gotten the stamp from both Chance The Rapper and Kanye West. The "Are You Live" track that is featured on Chance and Jeremih 2nd Xmas mixtape has gotten a lot of love from the citytHis relationship with Kanye,Valee describes it as if Kanye was an "Uncle". Valee talks about his phone conversation with Kanye as natural, "It didn't soak in until about 4-5 days later". The rapper says he gets so lost in working hard things like having a conversation with one of the worlds biggest entertainers doesn't soak in, I guess we can say he is one focused artist. Later on, during the interview states that he realizes how much of a big deal it was. The funny part about the situation talking to him off camera he talked about how he missed Kanye's call twice before he actually picked up. Talk about when an opportunity comes knocking, man image missing Ye's call, twice. It is clear that Yeezy rocks with him and recall the success of the last guy he endorsed from Chicago; Chance The Rapper. 

Its pretty clear that Valee has a huge upside as an artist, and to have so much backing the guy comes off extremely humble. His laid back personally could be from smoking a lot of marijuana, or it could just be the natural good vibes he produces. While interviewing him he mentioned that during a Zack TV interview, Zack stated that he is probably the most loved artist from Chicago, like no one has anything bad to say about Valee, they all want to work with him. Valee is like the zen God in Chicago, which comes to no surprise that he says Erykah Badu and Jill scott influences his music. We all know the good vibes they possess.

Overall Valee is a talent that I can honestly say I saw coming. I admire his work ethic, his humility, and his artistry. I know great things will come from him, and he might be one key aspect of changing how Chicago artist work with one another, ending confrontations to help push our culture forward. 






2 6teens video out now | link in bio 🤧

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