Devvon Terrell On Black's Not Dominating R&B Music, Internet Celebrities Not Being Accepted

The living weirdo, Devvon Terrell took the internet by storm, showcasing his talent on various remixes and covers on YouTube that collectively generated over 100 million views. On Christmas Day 2015 he dropped an album “Coast 2 Coast” with Futuristic that debuted at #12 on Hip-Hop Billboard chart.  Devvon Terrell is one skilled dude, Devvon shoots all his own videos, along with mixing and mastering the music.

Devvon Terrell On Internet Celebrities Not Being Accepted

Chopping it up with him was truly a pleasure, I can tell the Brooklyn native is really intelligent with an extreme passion for entertainment. So passionate that the independent artist self-taught himself the music business by utilizing resources such as Youtube or as he calls it "Youtube University". He has no problem in admitting that he got his rise to fame from social media, and when asked if he feels less efficient as other artists because of his route humbly replied "Honestly I feel nothing from it, because it's a real thing, it's very organic. There's nothing that can stop it"

I asked Devvon about the state of R&B and how love is missing from music these days. His reply was nothing sort of accurate. He stated that men don't know how to be venerable anymore it's all about being "cool' and not showing your spouse that you actually love them. The lack venerability has made R&B more of excitement and pleasure instead of compassion and emotions. Music has exed love out the picture and focuses more on fun nights with multiple partners. Other than love being lost in R&B, we discussed the disappearance of black dominance in the genre. How in the 90s African  Americans owned R&B now most black artists are pop. The R&B dominators are people like Sam Smith, Justin Bieber and Adele. 

Devvon agrees, but he agrees with the idea that the genre is making a comeback, with blacks being at the forefront. His style of R&B is another addition to the resurgent we've been viewing with artists such as Ro James, Bryson Tiller, and SZA. This interview made me an instant fan of the weirdo, I wish him much success.