VO Talks Changing Chicago Hip-Hop, "We Need Hope"

Rising Hip-hop lyrical beast VO, gave Cody Mack an exclusive interview discussing the state of Chicago hip-hop and how the city needs Hope. Vo may be the artist that can provide that change. Vo may is relativity new to a lot of people, but he has a huge Facebook and Youtube fanbase. He has a series of car freestyles, that goes viral. The most recent one, titled "I'm not racist" I had the pleasure to be a part of.

Vo brings a lyrical skill that's been missing from Chicago rappers. I haven't heard an artist go this hard with wordplay since Lupe Fiasco. Vo is extremely gifted, and by listening, to his music, you can tell he thinks as a King. Which came as no surprise when he titled his first EP "Checkmate." Vo views men and women as Kings and Queens, and life as a game of chess. He is one rapper that doesn't see value in degrading women in his music, nor do he spit about having a 30, gold chains, and bottle popping. Vo gives you his truths, from a mature King mind state.  Vo is a Chicago hip-hop game changer, someone to watch out for in 2018.