Rising Star Moses Talks Detriot's New Music Wave, Being Compared to Dej Loaf, Women In Hip Hop

Rising Detriot artist Moses aka Moses The God, talks about being the next up from the D and laughs at her Dej Loaf comparisons.  She answeres questions on why Detriot artist don't reach back to uplift some of the other rising artists from the city.  Her answers to the questions were quite intriguing. It would seem a like city with artists such as Eminem and Big Sean, wouldn't have any issue with getting a wave going. According to Moses, the issues is not a talent thing but more of politics between the city's gatekeepers. 

We talked how Dej Loaf got her rise to fame, and how there are rumors of her having a ghostwriter. How too many from Detroit, Eminem is not a hero who cares about pushing the city's culture forward. We talked Tee Grizzley and Big Sean, the artist had nice messages to relate on their behalf from the city.


Moses talked about being the next up from the D and the feedback she's receiving for being a lesbian in Hip-Hop. She gave me Insight on how she has the struggle to gain acceptance from certain fans because of her sexuality; even family members turned their nose up at her. She explained how this made her feel abandoned at one point, but now she uses it as fuel. Hint why she named her debut album "With or Without You". 

Moses is a unique talent, she reminds me of a female Drake, with her R&B influenced rap vocals. the d-town native loves classic hip-hop music and embraces the rich history that Detroit music has. In the in above interview we talked about the new wave of Detroit artist, and why do you think people forgot about the legendary sound that  Motown produced. She gave her insight saying no one forgot because the majority of Detroit's producers samples Motown music in their beats with confidence and not coming from a hateful place. It was if she was speaking for her city. She is very talented and outside of her musical ability, I admire her hustle. She is a home owner, full time worker, and she still finds time to provide the people with great music.