LGado On Chicago Artist Not Reaching Back, Advice From Lil Bibby & More!

Rapper LGado sits down with Cody Mack to talk about his influence and the potential future for Chicago. LGado speaks on how the city could be a lot more prosperous if people were to let go of their pride and ego. “Don’t nobody want to help each other, because everybody wants to be the face,” says LGado, as he talks about his movement that promotes unity and togetherness.

LGado talks about his Broke Boyz movement and explains why he calls himself broke.“It’s levels to this.....I can call myself broke to let people know that it’s about more than money, it’s [about] humbling yourself to know its always more that you can get.”   

LGado gives his thoughts about the current rap scene in Chicago, who he listens to, and how he feels that artists can do more to help others that are on the come up.