Trae Tha Truth Talks "HomeTown Hero" Project, Being Houston's Dark Knight & More!

"There are three ways to write about Trae Tha Truth. One is to talk about his music, and that’s important because he is a rapper and making music is what he does. The other is to talk about him as a human, and that’s important because he has done some truly monumental and impressive things. The third is to talk about the intersection of him as a rapper and him as a humanitarian because that’s where Trae really belongs. Only a handful of people have ever blurred the borders of what it means to be a musician, and what it means to be a civic leader and then able to blend them together as well as Trae has done."

After taking months off from making music to help with hurricane Harvey relief, Houston's Dark Knight and Hip-hop artist Trae Tha Truth held a listening party in Chicago earlier this week, to give the city an exclusive listen to his new album "Hometown Hero". At this event, I was able to talk with him about his album and more.

Sitting with Trae The Truth was a milestone, not to often journalist get the ability to sit in a presence of a hero. A man before Hurricane Harvey was dedicated to improving his city. listening to his album, Hometown Hero, I get why he is so loved by his community. The album was dedicated to Houston, its the album that will "motivate the city" says Trae Tha Truth. With features from Lil Boosie, T.I, Young Thug and more, this is a project that will give the city another spark. He mentions that it is Houston's time to get that music wave back and add to the success of the city's sports team such as the Astros and the Rockets. After the interview I was invited to Trae Day 2018 which will be July 22nd by the rapper, I'm excited to join Houston's Dark Knight in his effort to uplift his community. 

In the above interview, Trae touched on lean and drug usage in hip-hop. Some might think its strange that the Houston rapper doesn't indulge in drugs at all. Especially lean, he emphasized that he doesn't like talking about it. It is a really sensitive topic for the rapper, "I lost a lot of homies, too that" said Trae Tha Truth. He goes on to say he will help guide the youth who abuse lean and drugs. I believe his street credibility and philanthropy will allow youth to buy into his messages.