147 Calboy On lil Durk Comparison, Anxiety & Drug Usage & More

With everyone trying to figure who is the next artist to blow from the City of Chicago, it's mind recking that they continue to look over Calboy. Calboy has gotten the stamp from Midwest music royalty DJ Pharris, and another musical legend who will not be named. He has been pulld in the studio with all the city's producers. With tracks like "Can't Tell", "Bam Bam", and newly released "Beautiful" why is the city sleep on the young bull.

Not too many people will stick their neck out and speak up for a guy like this, but Calboy is the real deal. He is Up next.

Calboy Talks Anxiety, Drug Usage & Fake Rappers

He is a 19-year-old kid from the city's south suburbs, but anybody from Chicago knows the south burbs are just an extension of the rough south side. Calboy lets it be known in his rhymes what it is and what it ain't. The CEO of Paper Gang Inc. is a very humble young dude, on a mission. As stated in other write-ups his work ethic is up there with the best, he lives in the studio. 

Calboy is a rare talent, he can spit and use the new trendy trap melodies. During this interview I had to address to elephant in the room, him being compared to Lil Durk. Similar to Durk, he uses the trap melodies, but they are two completely different types of artists. 

Calboy also touched on drug usage in hip-hop and his personal addiction. He uses prescription drugs to cope with anxiety issues. The rapper admits he wants to come off them, and that it is a struggle. His Song titled "fatality" is where he uses his music to express his current mental health.  He also addresses how he hates when artist promotes drug use in their music and don't do it themselves, providing false truths to their listeners. 

Calboy is a special talent, who has dealt with a lot of adversities to be 19, but he won't let it stop him. When having a conversation with him you can vividly see the hunger in eyes, you can hear it in his music. This kid is going to be force to be reckoned with, he has the talent, the drive and the thirst for knowledge. I know he is working on his next project, All he needs is a one smash hit and he's gone!