Lil Twan Chicago's Best New Rapper? Gherbo Comparison & More!

Back in February, we dropped a list high lighting some of the city of Chicago's top rising artist. One name that kept buzzing in the comments was Lil Twan the young gun from Chicago's Auburn Greshman neighborhood. Twan is what I would label as a "raw' talent, an artist who have potential and skill but needs direction. Being from 79th Twan has seen and done a lot in the streets, hint his rap career started when he was under house arrest. 

And I’m right On the 9️⃣ I’m Serious 🤷🏾‍♂️

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Even though he is a product of "gang culture" he is a very humble individual, which is rare from Chicago's youth in the Drill era. Even when speaking on him not making the list Lil Twan, the response was unexpected. He viewed the snub, as a source of motivation to go harder, which is the reaction of an artist who is destined for something greater. 

As stated in the interview he as so many similarities to early-stage Gherbo. Other than being from 79th street, like Gherbo, in the beginning, Twan spits those hardcore stream poems.Once he learns to channel his thoughts and understand the skill of unique wordplay, Twan can be a monster on wax. He has the street stamp already. 

Lil Twan is that authentic Chicago street rapper that hip-hop needs. Watching him grow over this next year will be a joy. Yet, the biggest challenge for lil Twan is can he make original music, his top track "Chicken Chicken" is a remix. Word on the street is that he is dropping a project on 4-20-2018, this may be a start of a special career.