The Rap Game Edition | BARS S2:EP1

While visiting Atlanta for the A3C Festival, we were able to catch up with some young hip-hop talent. Killumanti, King Roscoe, Nia Kay, B.Bandz, Luhh Skinny and Street Bud blessed the camera with a few BARS. Artist like King Roscoe and Nia Kay were featured on Lifetime's hit show "The Rap Game" curated by Jermaine Dupri. Killumanti aka Liyah is a lyricist who came to fame via Instagram. B.Bandz a Chicago native who just recently relocated to Atlanta is a very slept on talent, the youngin' can spit.

We had a chance to link Street Bud the new edition to "The Rap Game" Cast he will appear on season 4 which Airs November 24th. Last but not least, is the rookie, Luhh Skinny. She is very new to this rap stuff (this was her first time spitting on camera) but she isn't scared to spit, has a nice organic following on Instagram. Skinny can make a name for herself if she keeps at it.