Misses Prezident | BARS S2:EP2

The city of Chicago is filled with some very talented musicians in various genres.  Over recent years Hip Hop has become the focal point of music in the city. Artist has been emerging all over, more in the City’s history. With this new wave, women have been a force to reckon with, showing that they can to play with the boys.

Misses President is one female artist that illustrates that being a lyricist is not just a mans sport. Hailing from the south side of she comes equipped with some mad wordplay. I must admit when she was first brought to my attention I was reluctant to feature her, but after listening to her song “Running Bands” featuring Mikey Dollarz I had no choice. The girl got BARS, period. 

When watching this episode of BARS you will see exactly what I’m talking about.  I love her flow, its sexy but trill. It's not the average Drill flow that you’ll see from most south side MCs, Misses President stated in our 1 on 1 sit down that she had stopped rapping for a minute because how watered down the industry had gotten, and how she began battle rapping. Which explains her approach to ripping a beat.

As a rising artist, you will face many adversities trying to achieve success in the music industry. Misses Prezident felt her first adversities back in college. After graduating from Fenger HighSchool as a member of the National Honors Society, she attended the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. In College is where she had her son, and having to battle between being a mom or full-time student, she was forced to return to Chicago.

Coming back to Chicago she found balance, and now gaining a lot buzz and cosigns from a lot of Chicago Influencers.  If her first nod from the industry doesn’t come from being an artist, I could def see her as a writer. I wish her much success in her musical journey.